Sunday, January 14, 2018


Any available writing time this past week, outside of honoring my responsiblities as Editor-In-Chief of The Free Choice E-zine was spent working on HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE.
But not all of it was spent on BOOK 3: FEMME FATALE.

I had a few ideas cross my mind while working on Chapter 13, and wound up going back over the previous false starts before FEMME FATALE and now have a solid plot for what will be BOOK 4!
As well as what will eventually be BOOK 5!😎

I'm not sure about other professions, but at least in writing, it pays to hang on to your old material and unused ideas, because you never know when all the various pieces will fit together to create something new and wonderful.
It certainly saves you a lot of time and hassles avoiding this:

In any event, while all my novels are self-contained, without those dreaded words "To Be Continued" at the bottom of the last page, they do tend to build upon one another, like the books in any good series should.

The relationship between Hugh and his girlfriend Sandra Bunnae started at the end of the first HUGH book, has continued through BOOK 2: CATCH A RISING STAR, and is still going strong during BOOK 3.

And in BOOK 4???

Well... let me finish BOOK 3 and what will eventually be the third book in the PROJECT ALPHA series before we start talking about that, okay?

In any event, I'm going back to writing now.
Take care, and I'll see you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
14 January, 2018

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