Sunday, August 20, 2017


Okay, I managed to spend any writing time I got this past week on HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE: BOOK 3!
Granted, the first story isn't complete yet, but I HAVE figured out how the two halves of the book will tie together and if I'm totally successful in this endeavor, I may not have to make the novel two separate but interconnected novellas!
Or in other words, Book 3 may turn out to be Hugh's second full length adventure, with Catch A Rising Star  being the first.
Yeah me!

And for those interested, I am now also on Twitter!
You can find me @leehoustonjr with this banner:

Well, better get back to writing now.
See you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
20 August, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017



Okay. I tried to spend all my writing time on HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE: BOOK 3 this past week.
I really did.
But my muse kept talking to me about that new idea I've been thinking about for a while now and before I knew it, I was three chapters and almost 6000 words into it!
Granted, that doesn't do Hugh any good.
At the rate I'm going, there's probably no hope left for a 2017 release date for Book 3.
That's entirely my fault and I do apologize to all my readers and fans about that.
On the other hand though, I DID get some serious writing done this past week, and one should never ignore their muse(s) for too long.
Otherwise, who knows what great ideas you might lose out on?
In any event, going back to writing now.
Hopefully I'll be able to concentrate more on Hugh this week, but we'll see.
In any event, take care.

Lee Houston, Junior
13 August, 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017


While I am hard at work on new projects, as detailed in every weekly progress report on this website, a new short story I co-authored has been released!

TALES FROM THE HANGING MONKEY (Airship 27) features the talents of Bill Craig, J. Walt Layne, Don Gates, and my first team up with my good friend, writing buddy and friendly neighborhood beta-proofreader Nancy Hansen!

It's new adventures in the South Seas for Corky O'Brian, the owner of the tropical island bar known as The Hanging Monkey, and his friends.
Within a beautiful cover by Rob Davis, you will find Craig's "Black Diamond, Black Death"; Layne's "Prophecy of the Firelord"; Gates' "The Star of the Sea"; and our tale "The Merciless Mermaid", where island natives are being pressed into slave labor, a twist ending, and a cameo by a historic object. Each story is accompanied by Mike Harris doing interior illustrations.

Nancy and I have known each other for years, and have endlessly kibitzed and gone over each other's creative endeavors to make sure the work has been the best it can be before submitting it to our respective publishers, but this is the first time we have actually written a story together.
I sincerely look forward to more collaborations.

TALES FROM THE HANGING MONKEY, VOLUME 2 is available from Airship 27 in both print and e-book formats via Amazon.


Hugh by David L. Russell
Spent the entire week, when I did have writing time, working on HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE BOOK 3.
Finished Chapter 8 of the first story and have sent it on to my friendly neighborhood beta-proofreader.
At the moment I am 25,000+ words into that tale, and the overall book looks like it's going to be composed of two interconnected novellas.
In other words, some plot points of the first story will lead into the other, but each adventure will be self contained too for reading enjoyment.

I also have news of a NEW RELEASE!
But that deserves a separate post.
Going back to writing now.
Lee Houston, Junior
6 August, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I was literally all over the place this past week whenever I had writing time.
In the far flung future with HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE.
In the 1970s working on my story for Jim Beard, and at {{undisclosed locations}} working on that new idea I've previously mentioned that just won't leave me alone.

It's great to have so many projects, considering variety is supposed to be the spice of life, but at some point I know I've got to knuckle down and start completing these things, considering what I want to accomplish in the future.

Have errands Monday and Friday along with a doctor's appointment Thursday. Otherwise, writing is the big thing on my agenda for this week.

Take care, and I'll see you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
30 July, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017



Once again I spent the past writing week in the 1970s, working on my story for Jim Beard's project; when I wasn't trying to flesh out a new idea that has been running through my mind for some time now and wouldn't leave me alone until I did.

There are times when I wish I was a more proficient writer, at least from a quantity perspective, because there is so much I want to do just within the immediate future.

*Finish my 1970s story.
*Proofread the other contributor's 1970s stories as they are submitted.
*Finish what will become HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE, BOOK 3 for Pro Se Press.
*Finish the short story I promised Nancy Hansen so long ago.
*Create another Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective story for Ron Fortier at Airship 27. The first one I wrote is (tentatively) scheduled for Volume 11 of that series, with Volume 9 being the latest release as I post this progress report.
*At least begin what will become PROJECT ALPHA, BOOK 3 before the end of this year.
*Eventually start work on the book that will feature the new idea mentioned above.
*And so much more.

Thankfully, only the 1970s project has any true deadline(s), which is why I'm concentrating on that first. While it might goeth before a fall, I take great pride in the fact that I have never missed a deadline, and I don't intend to start now.

I know that there are only so many hours in a day.
One must rest, eat, do household chores, honor other life commitments, keep doctor's appointments, and so much more.
Just this coming week, there are errands Monday and Friday, with Tuesday probably a lost cause on the writing front.

I do try to write every day, and when I'm "in the zone", it's a marvelous feeling.
The words and thoughts are coming faster than my hands can type, and I have never been a great typist to begin with.😉
But how many words are recorded at the end of a writing session, let alone how many stay after I proofread any specific passage varies.

It's the age old battle. "Quantity versus Quality".
Do you want it done fast or do you want it done right?
In the end, I will always choose quality over quantity, because I want my creative endeavors to be the best I can make them.
It may sound selfish, but in the long run, I not only want my writing to be enjoyed and loved by its readers and fans, but I also would like to see my stories live on long after I have shuffled off this mortal coil to whatever lies hidden beyond the veil.

So, if I'm going to accomplish that goal, I better get back to writing now.
Take care.
Lee Houston, Junior
23 July, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017



Wish the subtitle of this Progress Report meant I was asked to write a Doctor Who story but alas, one cannot have everything in life.

Anyway, I spent the past week working on my 1970s story for Jim Beard's upcoming anthology project, since that assignment has an actual deadline. The end of September.
Broke the 5,000 word mark, which is the half way point for submissions.
Whether or not I'll have it finished before the end of the month remains to be seen, but definitely going back to HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE soon.

The Internet is abuzz today (July 16th) with the British Broadcasting Company's announcement that ACTRESS Jodie Whitaker will be the next person to portray the title role in their long running series Doctor Who.
In all honestly, I was totally flabbergasted when I first heard this.
I have absolutely nothing against women.
I have nothing against the idea of female Time Lords. After all, we've had at least 2 Romanas and the Rani in prominent roles during the course of the series. Granted, The Mistress has been an interesting character, but I'm still having some difficulty believing that the Master and the Mistress are two different (re)generation sides of the same person.
Yet to cast an actress in the title role goes against 50+ years of established continuity in my humble opinion.
I know ♫the times they are a changin',♫ to quote Bob Dylan.
And I'm all for women in more prominent, heroic roles whenever possible.
But this...???
I honestly don't know.
How would the public react if an until now well established female character was suddenly recast as a man?
I sincerely hope you see the point I am trying to make here, dear reader.
Doing this could be the greatest thing to come along since oxygen, or by the end of Whitaker's first season, the BBC could find themselves in a real mess.
Only time will tell, and all we can do for now is wait and see.

In any event, I'm going back to writing now.
Lee Houston, Junior
16 July, 2017