Sunday, October 26, 2014


Time flies!
I am currently on the fifth, and hopefully last, attempt to complete the manuscript for ALPHA, BOOK 2: WAYWARD SON.
Over extending myself on short story commitments between the latter half of 2013 and a major chunk of 2014 kept putting this project on the proverbial back burner, along with hitting a couple of snags in the work itself trying for a high, yet very believable sense of realism in the manuscript; hence this being the fifth take on the novel.
But I honored all those short story promises without missing any deadlines, and am now fully concentrating on this novel!

Technically, the book is not late, since there was never a deadline assigned to ALPHA 2, but I do feel bad that this hasn't already been finished.

A motto to live by
However, I stand by my promise of "quality over quantity" and will not hack out anything just to have something out there. The readers and fans deserve the best I can humanly create each and every time I write.

With that said, since last week, I have finished Chapter 10 and am now currently on Chapter 11!
However, my friendly neighborhood beta-proofreader still hasn't had a chance to go over Chapter 9 yet. I know the reason(s) why and also know that she will get to it and her other commitments as time permits.

What will he do?
Chapter 11 is the transition period not only between the first and second acts of the novel, but also the switch between Alpha's first and second days on the "mysterious planet whose name I won't reveal, yet". Chapter 12 will fully be part of Day 2, where Alpha tries to come to terms with the world he finds himself on now, and decides whether or not he will stay.

Sorry I can't say more right now, but I'm sure you'll want to read/buy BOOK 2 when it comes out in 2015.

So I better get back to work.
See you around the Internet!
Lee Houston, Junior
26 October, 2014

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