Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well folks, I did get to work some on Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son this past week. Almost another full chapter, as a matter of fact.

But as reported last week, my main focus has been on the short story that now has an end of May 2014 deadline. I'm about ¾ of the way through the second draft, and definitely will be turning it in before the due date.

Now, as many of you have probably figured out, there is a BIG difference between a short story and a novel.
In this case, the short story shouldn't be more than 15,000 words maximum, although I'm about 900+ words over that at the moment; and the novel
should be between 60,000 words (minimum) to 70,000 words in an ideal world.

Of course, choosing the right words for your stories has always been a challenge writers have faced since the dawn of creative story telling, and something we will have to discuss further in a future column.

Kathryn Frizzell cover art 

Meanwhile, my latest short story "Wolf Hunt", has just been published in the ONCE UPON A SIX GUN  anthology from Pro Se Press;

and The Free Choice E-zine just celebrated its second straight month of 3000+ page views, a fact that makes this humble Editor-In-Chief very proud.

So, overall, it has been a good week.
Hope yours went well.

See you around the Internet.

Lee Houston, Junior
27 April, 2014

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