Sunday, February 2, 2014


Well folks, a new month is upon us, and I'm still working on my short story commitment at the moment. The one I talked about last week that now has a deadline.

The other short story currently on my 2014 agenda still doesn't have a deadline at present, but no sense in letting my work pile up on me.

I do promise to get back to work on Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son as soon as humanly possible; although I will admit that this short break away from the novel has allowed me a chance to step back and discover an unfortunate timeline problem in what I have already written. Correcting it will be the first thing on my agenda when I get back to that novel.

Other than the above and that things are going well over at The Free Choice E-zine , the only other item to report at the moment is that soon I will be proofreading something very special that fans of a certain fantasy author have been eagerly anticipating!
More on that later.

Until next time, see your around the Internet!

Lee Houston, Junior
3 February, 2014

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