Sunday, January 5, 2014


A new year is upon us!

So far, I've kept up with The Free Choice E-zine in my capacity as its Editor-In-Chief.

Almost finished Chapter 7 of Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son. While I'm uncertain how many chapters will be in the final manuscript, I do hope to complete the novel by Spring, so I can start work on the third installment in my Hugh Monn, Private Detective series.

I did start work on one of my two open ended (no set deadlines, thankfully!) short story commitments for 2014. The idea just came to me out of the blue and I couldn't resist, so there's progress there too.

Hugh Monn
There is one other item I'm hoping to brag about soon, but unfortunately I have to wait and see how things go before I can officially say anything about it. Sorry to be a tease, but sometimes that's just the way it is.

So on behalf of my creations and their creator, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are looking forward to a happy new year!

See you around the Internet!
05 January 2014

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