Sunday, October 20, 2013


Well folks, sorry I'm late posting this; but I stayed up late Saturday night watching the Boston Red Sox win the 2013 American League Championship Series and earn a trip to their third World Series competition of the 21st century.
But that's not what you came here to read about.

I had a great week writing wise!
I am ALMOST done with my last short story for this year and even got a little work done on ALPHA, BOOK 2: WAYWARD SON!

I still have to finish proof/beta reading that manuscript for my friend/writing buddy Nancy Hansen that I keep mentioning. Although she has informed me that there is no rush on that project at the present time, I do promise to (hopefully) have it finished before the holiday season gets into full swing next month.

Sorry I can't give you more details on everything, but I certainly don't want to spoil any of the surprises before these projects are published.

In any event, see you around the Internet!

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