Sunday, June 26, 2016


ALMOST finished with the first draft of my Sherlock Holmes story for Airship 27.
Holmes has just proven to Lestrade that the person the Inspector suspects is guilty can't be, and is now about to explain who is.
At the 12,000+ word mark on "The Adventure of..."
Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I'm still uncertain whether or not to actually reveal the title right now.

In any event, once I finish the first draft, will be sending it to my friendly neighborhood beta/proofreader Nancy Hansen for her opinion(s).
Then, when I get that back, will go over the manuscript one last
time before submitting it to Ron Fortier at Airship 27.

While I'm waiting for her input, and once I can completely cross Holmes off my To Do List (for now?), I will be working on my other known short story commitment for 2016.

I say known because there are a couple of other potential short story assignments on the horizon, but none of them have become a reality.

After that, will start creating whatever is destined to become the third volume of HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE.

Better get back to writing now.
See you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
26 June, 2016

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