Sunday, April 10, 2016


Sadly, I have no progress to report for this past week, mainly because I was stuck in bed most of the time fighting the flu or whatever it was I had.

Despite my nose being stopped up a lot, which prevented me from wearing my reading glasses, it wasn't a cold and if it was some version of the flu, I DID get a flu shot, but unfortunately there isn't one shot that covers everything.

Thankfully I turned in the manuscript for PROJECT ALPHA 2 just as I was getting ill, but a friendly reminder, the subtitle is now PROVING GROUND, not Wayward Son.

Anyway, I did electronically sign the contract with Airship 27 to clear the way for the Sinbad adventure I wrote them last year to be published in the upcoming fifth volume of Sinbad: The New Voyages; and I'm chomping at the bit to get back on that Sherlock Holmes story I owe them, as well as all the other tales I want to write so I better get busy.

See you around the Internet!
Lee Houston, Junior
10 April, 2016

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