Monday, June 15, 2015



I've started subtitling these Progress Reports, when appropriate.
Meanwhile, I'm sure that this will come as no surprise, but I am temporarily suspending work on ALPHA, BOOK 2: WAYWARD SON.


While I would of had to pause long enough to proofread the last short story for the superhero anthology at Mechanoid Press I've been helping Jim Beard with, I have promised to contribute a story to the benefit anthology for Tommy Hancock.
Tommy Hancock, in better days

Now, in case you missed the news when I posted it Friday, Tommy has taken ill.
My Editor-In-Chief at Pro Se Productions has a worse case of Congestive Heart Failure than I suffered back in late 2003.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Congestive Heart Failure occurs when fluid builds up in the chest cavity, compressing the heart and making that precious organ work harder to keep you alive.
A healthy heart should (obviously) be at 100%.
My heart was forced down into the low 30s.
Tommy's heart is currently somewhere in the 20s.

With this being a seriously life altering event, even though the patient can get (somewhat) better in time, the heart will never be 100% ever again.
I managed to get back into the mid-30s, but things are vastly different now than the way they used to be.
I can't lift more than 10 pounds, which is significant considering I worked for over 20 years in nothing but physical labor jobs. I have to stay as low sodium, sugar free, and caffeine free as possible; and there is even the occasional day when I still have to take an afternoon nap.

Now, why am I talking about my situation and not Tommy's in more detail?
Basically because I have already shared what little I do know and can with you, while the rest is between Tommy, his family, and his doctor(s).

HOWEVER, I can repeat and expand upon what I mentioned in Friday's post. That the call has gone out to every creative person in the New Pulp (a term that Tommy coined) community if they would like to pitch in and contribute to a benefit book to help cover Tommy's medical expenses, because unless you're lucky enough to have a regular job and decent insurance, those bills mount up fast!

At last count, according to Ron Fortier at Airship 27, there have already been over 60(!) people who have answered the call to help, including me.
Everyone is working for free, and ALL proceeds from both hardcover and Kindle sales of The Legends of New Pulp (working title) anthology will go to the Hancocks to help them out with their expenses.
The deadline for submissions is September 1. Actual release date of anthology to be announced.

I must admit, I find it quite nice when a community can rally around a common cause.
I just wish the rest of the world could do so more often.

Well, I better get back to writing.
See you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
15 June, 2015

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