Sunday, July 13, 2014


After having hit a serious snag on ALPHA, BOOK 2: WAYWARD SON last week, I decided to make this past week Short Story Week, although things didn't quite work out on that front the way I wanted them too either.

I started out working on my last short story commitment for 2014, when I
received the galley proofs for an upcoming anthology containing a story I wrote.

Just as I finished going over that material and was preparing to send my list of corrections to be addressed back to the publisher, I received the edited manuscript I wrote of another short story that asked for some revisions.

I am working on those revisions now, and will probably go back and finish that short story afterwards, despite the fact that technically it isn't due until the end of October.
Better early than late!

If you're wondering what all that means for a certain superhero, it means that Alpha is on the proverbial back burner, at least for the moment.

Art by Marc Guerrero
I do apologize to everyone who was hoping to read the sequel to PROJECT ALPHA by now. After I finished and submitted the manuscript for what became  HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE: CATCH A RISING STAR, I intentionally spent the rest of 2013 working on short stories, trying to start getting my name out amongst a wider audience. In the process, work on ALPHA, BOOK 2 was sporadic at best until earlier this year.

But as I have already established in this blog, writers are only human beings, no matter how great our prose are.

When ALPHA 2 is finished, I do intend to immediately start work on whatever will become HUGH MONN, BOOK 3.

In any event, The Free Choice E-zine is doing well and I do have some ideas how to fix ALPHA, BOOK 2; but I've got to finish the short stories first, so I better get back to work.

See you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
13 July, 2014

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