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(*And a few special guest that will be announced later.**)

Hello Everyone.
There is a movement afoot amongst us independent writers called Blog Hopping, to try and gain some notice by sharing a few thoughts and very active links in hopes of increasing our public exposure.
Nancy Hansen tagged me, Chuck Miller, and Jamie Ramos after she was invited along with Lisa M. Collins, and Bonnie J. Sterling to participate. 
I will be sharing the love shortly, but first: the questions!

01. What am I working on?
Art by Marc Guerrero

In-between short story commitments, I am currently writing Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son; the next installment within my superhero series published by Pro Se Press.

Book 2 picks up the plot threads from the end of Book 1: Project Alpha, as the title character tries to find his place in the universe after the conclusion of his first mission.

Not sure when the manuscript will actually be completed and turned in, because I'm only about half-way through my plot at the moment. More on that in my answers to Questions # 2 and 4.
Meanwhile, I am starting to branch out some. I will have at least one short story (although there is another in progress) published by Airship 27 before the end of 2014, and I am really looking forward to SINGULARITY: RISE OF THE POST-HUMANS, scheduled for release later this year from New Babel Books! Just look at the author line up for the anthology!

02. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Honestly? That's for the fans and readers to decide because in the end, it's THEIR opinions that matter most.
I take great care to make sure everything I create is entertaining, enlightening whenever possible, and is the best I can humanly make it, because I'm always more concerned about quality than quantity when I write. 

03. Why do I write what I do?

Author as a young reader
I create to add to the genres I love to read: science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, mysteries, etc.
I grew up with books.
My parents read to me as a child. Being able to read and comprehend what I read was stressed since my first day of school.  
From my first comic book to finishing my first all prose/no pictures novel (Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Princess of Mars), I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else but writing.
I have always believed that you should do what you love and love what you do, and with writing I am fulfilling a lifelong dream.

04. How does your writing process work?

Usually after breakfast, unless I wake up with a good idea. I sit myself down in my comfy chair in front of the computer screen and just start writing. If necessary, I'll go retro with pen and paper if I'm nowhere near my PC or the power goes out, an occupational hazard living in a rural area.

Hugh covers by David L. Russell
I do plot to some extent, but more-so when I'm working on Hugh Monn, Private Detective stories or other mysteries, because I need to know all the clues and the solution to the case beforehand.

Otherwise, I do not like to completely plot out a tale 100% beforehand, because that doesn't leave me open to explore other ideas if they arise while I'm writing.

As the work progresses, my trusted friend Nancy Hansen beta/proofreads everything for me, and I will revise and keep on writing until the project is done. The one thing I have to remember is when to say "THE END" to a story, because I become so enamored with the characters that my reader's instincts take over and I've just got to know what happens next.

(**It's later, now.)

Speaking of which, it's time for me to end my Blog Hop and pass the torch onward to Bobby Nash; Ralph Angelo, Junior; and Sean Taylor.

Hope everyone enjoyed the above and will help out some deserving authors.

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