Sunday, November 24, 2013


Lots of exciting stuff going on creatively this past week!

Revisions are continuing apace in regards to the short stories I have to go over. The corrections I'm making are more in regards to keeping in line with the continuity between the rest of the tales in their respective anthologies and what has already been established between their series more than anything else.

Posted a lot of articles on The Free Choice E-zine too. Besides the weekly features The Puzzle Corner (games), The Week In Review (news), and the Sunday Funnies (comedy); there is also the first half of an interview with author I. A. (Ian) Watson, and remembrances on the 50 anniversaries of the world losing United States President John F. Kennedy and gaining the BBC series Doctor Who.

In all honesty, not sure how much work will get done this week between Thanksgiving and preparing for the upcoming holiday season, for there are still Christmas presents to buy, let alone wrap and ship.
However I can tell you that the only place I will be on "Black Friday" is safe and sound asleep in bed!

See you around the Internet, and for those celebrating: HAPPY THANKSGIVING and/or HAPPY HANUKKAH!

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