Sunday, August 7, 2016



Have sent my Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Artful Forger”, off to Captain Ron Fortier at Airship 27. Earliest projections are it will be within Volume 11 of SHERLOCK HOLMES, CONSULTING DETECTIVE.

I have started what will be at least the first, if not the only story in HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE VOLUME 3.
As I said last week, still in the early stages of this.
Potential plot points, dots not connected
Think of it as an artist staring at a relatively blank canvas with just a few sketch lines on it, wondering what to do next, let alone how the finished painting will look.

That’s where I’m at at the moment.
A few sketch lines in place, but otherwise the field is wide open and limited only by my imagination.
Which I should get back to exercising now.

Take care, and I’ll see you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
7 August, 2016

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