Sunday, August 14, 2016


Afraid there really isn't all that much to say at the moment.

What will eventually be the third volume of HUGH MONN, PRIVATE DETECTIVE now has a little over 2000 words written.
Got a pretty good idea of where I want to go with it, but how the (first?) story turns out remains to be seen.

After all, they claim that getting there is have the fun.
Then again, whoever "they" are didn't have to do all the work getting from Point A to Point B, now did they?

While there is no deadline attached, I have promised Ron Fortier at Airship 27 another Ghost Boy story!
For those unfamiliar with the character, it's an interesting take on superheroes in the Cold War Spy Era of the 1960s.
Had a good time writing "The Sound of Obedience" for GHOST BOY, VOLUME 2, so returning to that series will be fun.

PLUS: I am aware of a couple of other writing projects in my future that I'm also highly excited about, but afraid I can't talk about those right now.
I can be such a tease at times...

Anyway, I better get back to writing now.
Take care, and I'll see you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
14 August, 2016

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