Sunday, May 4, 2014


News to celebrate!

In my capacity a its Editor-In-Chief, got to post Star Wars themed jokes on The Free Choice E-Zine since today is May the Fourth, as in "May the Force be with you."
Unfortunately, the way the calendar is arranged, this opportunity will not arise again until 2025!

Meanwhile, there's some serious progress to report since the last update.

I FINISHED the short story that has a May deadline, and it is now in the hands of Nancy A. Hansen, my friend, fellow writer, and beta-reader for review. Once she has finished going over it, I shall make a final pass before submitting it to the publisher!

Meanwhile, I have completed Chapters 7 AND 8 to Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son!
The manuscript is at about the 25,000 word mark at the moment, with about a third of my plot for this volume covered.

So overall, it has been a great week writing wise.
See you around the Internet!

Lee Houston, Junior
04 May, 2014

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