Sunday, July 12, 2015



I have finally left Anthology Avenue, for now.
Submitted my story for the Legends of New Pulp, Tommy Hancock benefit anthology to Airship 27 and A27 Captain Ron Fortier absolutely LOVED IT!

It's great to have feedback from a publisher, let alone such enthusiastic comments. I feel like a rookie baseball play who hit a home run during his very first at bat in the majors!

I will be returning to Anthology Avenue later this year, when I honor my original two short story commitments for 2015. Thankfully neither of them have actual deadlines attached but (barring anything unforeseen) I should have both stories written and submitted before the winter holidays.

Marc Guerrero art
Meanwhile, am back at work on ALPHA, BOOK 2: WAYWARD SON.
Want to finish this manuscript before I tackle anything else.
Between seriously over extending myself with short story commitments in 2014 (although I did meet EVERY deadline!) and the fact that I hit a couple of dead ends and was forced to restart a couple of times on the novel, I owe it to the fans of this fledgling superhero to finish chronicling his second adventure and send it on to the publisher.

We've discussed the above and the following before, but it all bears repeating.
I know there must be some suspension of disbelief in (superhero) fiction, but such works must also have some basis in reality.
You want to believe that a man can fly, and create force shields, etc.
But if he starts doing something really impossible, like juggling planets one handed; then where's the conflict, action, drama, adventure, struggle to survive and thrive, etc?

I'm striving for such a degree of realism in ALPHA 2 not only for the reason(s) stated above, but also because WAYWARD SON lays the foundation for the future of the series. Book 1: Project Alpha was the origin story and first adventure.
Book 2 basically answers the question: "What next?"

So to answer that question, I better get back to writing.
See you around the Internet.
Lee Houston, Junior
12 July, 2015

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