Sunday, June 12, 2022


I certainly had a better week this week than last week. 😀
I'm on Chapter 4 of SOLITAIRE 2: THE AGENDA.
5,400+ words into the manuscript and I've even thought of a subplot where something Solitaire does during the course of the adventure will create a brand new problem to deal with before the end of the book.

I talked previously about not being sure this early in the project how much globetrotting Solitaire will be doing this time compared to the debut novel's adventure, but I can tell you that after dealing with current events in Miami, Florida USA; Solitaire's next destination is Cancun.
My characters are far more well traveled than their creator. 😕

In any event, not sure how much writing I will accomplish this week because besides continuing Heart Rehab Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons; I've also got to see the Dentist on Tuesday, a doctor's appointment Thursday and still need to get my car through its state required Emissions Test.

So I better get back to it.
Take care.
And I'll see you around the Internet.

Lee Houston, Junior
12 June, 2022

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