Sunday, October 24, 2021


I'm home from the hospital but it obviously will still be quite a while before I'm feeling anywhere back to "normal" again.
My chest hurts from being cut open and my ribs spread so that the cardiac surgeon could perform the operation.
While nowhere near as life threatening as the aortic aneurysm I experienced back in 2007, my recent artificial heart valve replacement surgery was a necessary procedure. Otherwise, the calcium build up on the old valve would have reached life threatening levels.
So where does all this lead?

One should listen to their Muse.
At this point everyone is still saying 4-6 weeks recovery time, and I'm in no position to debate otherwise.
I have follow up appointments with both my regular cardiologist and the heart surgeon in November.
In the meantime, I am sitting at my computer trying to accomplish what I can.
Once I was able to sit down and concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, it took me a couple of days just to catch up with my e-mails and all the well wishers out there.
Now I am trying to get back to writing, but at the moment am not setting any speed records doing so.
Still have the unfinished SCIENCE FICTION PROJECT and the SHERLOCK HOLMES story I started before current events loomed on the horizon.

But right now the only thing my Muse is saying is "Take your time and heal first."
Good advice.

Lee Houston, Junior
24 October, 2021

Monday, October 11, 2021


Dear Readers, Friends and Fans:

Afraid I will be away from my computer and my writing for awhile as I enter the hospital for another heart operation.
Back in early 2007 I was rushed into the Emergency Room and stayed for almost a month because of an aortic aneurysm.
Part of the procedure was receiving a new heart valve. I've gotten 14 good years out of it but for some reason the part is starting to develop calcium deposits and needs to be replaced with a new and better model before the problem becomes a life threatening situation.

I will be gone roughly a week to ten days.
Then I will be back home on personal recovery for at least 4-6 weeks afterwards in between Doctor's appointments.
Once the pain killers are out of my system and I can sit and think coherently again, I WILL be back at my computer writing!

Until then...
Take care and STAY SAFE!😷
Lee Houston, Junior
12 October, 2021

Sunday, October 10, 2021


Okay, same old same old on the Writing Front right now concerning the SCIENCE FICTION PROJECT I'm working on, so thought I'd talk about something else today instead.


A very powerful magical tool has been stolen. In the wrong hands, it could be used to conquer the Otherworld realms so it must be recovered at all cost. Only one special companion dragon has the experience and skills to take on this covert quest to bring it back.
Young Pulp! and Pro Se Productions proudly announce the release of COMPANION DRAGONS TALES VOLUME SIX: KIRI’S QUEST by Nancy A. Hansen and Lee Houston, Junior, now available in print and digital formats.
Under the cover of darkness, ruby scaled Kiri travels to Castle Umbra, the monster guarded and foreboding stronghold of Grewsum–a wicked wizard, wretched writer, and shoddy speller now turned thief. Kiri is determined to retrieve what was stolen before it can be used for evil purposes—providing she survives that long!
The journey to Grewsum’s fortress is fraught with dangerous perils and Kiri has nothing but her wits and unique dragon abilities to aid her. One misstep could not only end her quest, but alert Grewsum to the fact that his opponents on the side of keeping the Otherworlds free have invaded his private island. That would amount to a declaration of war.
Yet even if Kiri safely makes it all the way to where the magical item is hidden, she might still have to face Grewsum himself. How can one small dragon outwit such a power hungry fiend?

Book Six in one of the most imaginative young reader for all ages series ever-COMPANION DRAGONS TALES-KIRI’S QUEST by Nancy A. Hansen and Lee Houston, Junior. From Young Pulp! and Pro Se Productions.
Featuring an exciting cover by Larry Nadolsky and cover design and print formatting by Antonino lo Iacono and Marcia Marina, COMPANION DRAGONS TALES VOLUME SIX: KIRI’S QUEST is available in print and e-book formats at
Also available to Kindle Unlimited members for free.

Truthfully I had a lot of fun writing this adventure, with Nancy mostly serving as My Friendly Neighborhood Beta-Proofreader and Companion Dragon Universe Continuity Coordinator.
Someday I will definitely have to post a list of all the Easter Eggs I put into the story.
The only thing it lacks is the kitchen sink, and that's only because I couldn't figure out how to squeeze it in!
I can guarantee you that you'll never think of what composes a BLT the same way ever again.😉

In any event I better get back to writing now.
Take care.
And I'll see you around the Internet.

Lee Houston, Junior
10 October, 2021

Sunday, October 3, 2021


It's time⌚ once again for my impersonation of a broken record.😉

Still working on my SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL.
In the middle of Chapter 28 (not counting the Prologue) and over 50,000+ words into the manuscript.
I do foresee the end in sight, but that's at least another 10,000 words away and I still have things to accomplish before reaching that point.

Granted, with this being the first installment of what will hopefully be a long running series, not all the questions will be answered. Otherwise, why would you need to read book 2? 😶

On the other hand, there will be a complete story that leaves you wanting more. If there wasn't, then I would have failed as a writer.

With that in mind I better get back to it.
Take care.
And I'll see you around the Internet.

Lee Houston, Junior
3 October, 2021

Sunday, September 26, 2021


What can I say?
Sometimes the words come fast and furious. Other times it's more like the drip of a leaky faucet. They're there, but not at the rate/progress you'd prefer.
Basically, what the above boils down to is that while I'm still on the SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, I'm not as far along as I would like to be.
I am blazing new trails on a new chapter and about to break the 50,000+ word mark though.
Wish I had more to say, but at least I'm writing.

Take care.
And I'll see you around the Internet.

Lee Houston, Junior
26 September, 2021

Sunday, September 19, 2021


You read the headline right folks! My Friendly Neighborhood Beta-Proofreader has had not one but TWO new books released lately.

Nancy teamed up with writer Roger Stegman to present MYSTICAL MAGICAL WAXY.

The mischievous little rainbow striped Companion Dragon is back.
Now that she lives with Roger 'Rusty' Rustman, a part time mage and story idea generator who Waxy calls Bubblehead, her presence in his life presents some interesting problems. Rusty travels often to places that have no name and he would prefer not to have anyone know his secrets. Unfortunately, there's an awful lot of trouble a curious little dragon can get into in a home where magic fills the air and can animate just about anything a young mind can imagine. Having Waxy around makes it that much harder for Rusty to remain an anonymous man minding his own business.

In the first tale, once she figures out how to follow Rusty through the computer-generated portal, Waxy finds herself on her own in the magical resort world of Atlantis, where not everyone is friendly or has her best interests at heart. Can Waxy turn a rival into an ally to fight back against an even worse enemy? In the second story, when Bubblehead brings home some pastries that are past their prime, those Bad Cookies decide they are going to conquer the otherworlds one at a time, and it's up to Waxy to stop them before they get to the portal. And then Waxy gets herself into even more mischief when she encounters a scary closet monster who is holding some innocent creatures hostage, and she winds up getting locked in with all of them in the dark.

How will poor Waxy get herself out of these troublesome and often dangerous situations? Pick up a copy of MYSTICAL, MAGICAL WAXY, the fifth volume in the COMPANION DRAGONS all ages fantasy series and find out.
Featuring a delightful cover by Larry Nadolsky, MYSTICAL MAGICAL WAXY is available via Amazon. It and the first four COMPANION DRAGONS TALES volumes are available in print and digital format.

Nancy solos in THE KEENER EYE! A new mystery series!

Katherine Mary 'Kate' Keener is the newest private investigator in the shoreline town of Rockport, Connecticut. She's opened her own business on the second floor of a building that houses a bakery on the ground floor, and her little apartment on the third. She's up against some tough competition, so Kate has been surviving on the more mundane cases and leaving the hard stuff to her rivals. Brewster and Sons Private Investigators is well established, and the patriarch, Morey Brewster, never much liked Kate. He considered her an interloper who dated his younger son just to get inside information on their business. But now Morey is dead, the Brewster partnership is all but bankrupt, and it seems like Kate Keener will be the sole inheritor of all the hard-boiled investigations they used to handle.
So how does a young woman who refuses to carry a gun handle herself with a tougher variety of sordid characters and a far more dangerous workload?
Better than you would ever believe.
Kate Keener is fast thinking and well prepared, with a variety of skills and knowledge, and she has some very loyal friends and associates. In this day and age of electronic gadgets galore and cell phones everywhere, private investigation work is still a very viable asset to those who have nowhere else left to turn for answers. In these three thrilling stories, watch Kate and her crew succeed in untangling the crimes and mysteries that surround the New England countryside and often spread tentacles of intrigue and culpability into the greater world at large.
THE KEENER EYE, a trio of short stories by Nancy A. Hansen with a haunting cover by Jason Wren is also available on Amazon in either print or E-format.


Technically I'm still stalled on SHERLOCK HOLMES.
I know WHAT I want to do, just not how to get to the next major plot point in the story.
But I'm doing great on the SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL! 😀😎
Finished reviewing all the material I had previously written.
Added some more details here and there before moving on into the unknown both figuratively and literally.
Am now on Chapter 27 (not counting the Prologue) and have broken the 49,000+ word mark on this project.
Not sure what the final Chapter (counting the eventual Epilog) and word count will be but sometimes that's part of the fun of being a writer when even you're surprised how things turn out! 😉

Thankfully there's no deadlines on either but in any event I better get back to it now.
Take care.
And I'll see you around the Internet!

Lee Houston, Junior
19 September, 2021